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Thank you for your interest in working with us in ministry.

Austin Christian consists of three community churches.
North Side, Tribe and East Side. 

Who we are looking for: 


We are looking for a men’s ministry intern to work with our campus ministry that includes the University of Texas.


Here are some of the qualities, skills and experience we are looking for:

•    Interested in a church with entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
•    Self-driven and eager to learn
•    Passion for growing a campus ministry
•    Good communicator to high caliber students
•    Minimum 2 years of experience leading Bible Talks
•    Preferably a recent graduate
•    No full-time ministry experience necessary

We apologize in advance, we are not able to respond to every enquiry and resume. If you haven’t heard back from us in 2 weeks, it probably means it’s not a good fit for us at this time. We are sure you are a remarkable disciple and leader, we’re just looking for something else in our next minister at this time. 

If any of these questions are already answered in your resume, skip them. Just answer those that are not. 

Attach your resume here


Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for taking the time and reaching out! 

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