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Find Your Tribe

Love them Hard

Growth Path

Each step designed to help you grow starting from anywhere


Attend weekly worship services and participate in communion with us

Join a small group in your community. These groups are where we "do life" together

Involve yourself in volunteer opportunities. Within, and outside, the church community there are lots of ways to help.


Take Discovery Classes. These classes teach the values and principles from the bible that make up this community. It's an opportunity to assess your own beliefs, ask questions, and get to know what matters here.

Partner w/ Members of your Small Group to foster or strengthen your prayer life and personal bible study. We all need to give and receive encouragement and support.


Be baptized or place membership. Commit to being a part of this community of believers.

Serve the community by applying your giftedness

Support the local work of the church by giving financially

"I feel safe and protected"

"It takes a village to raise a child"

"I feel welcomed"

"We love the fellowship"

"I love that we are small"

"I feel accepted for who I am"

"I feel part of a community"

"A generous spirit and diversity"

"I was an atheist, this church changed everything"

"It helped me cope with a death in the family"

"I found a life much bigger than myself"

"A place with joy and happiness"

"We have a family away from family"

Sunday Services