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Are you looking for a tight-knit community?


Are you longing for greater purpose and meaning?


Do you want a healthy and balanced life?

About us

Meet the


What are people saying?

"I feel safe and protected"

"I feel welcomed and included"

"It takes a village to raise a child"

"We love the fellowship and the singing"

"I am accepted for who I am"

"I love that we're small and we really know each other"

"We love the generous spirit and diversity of this church"

"I love being  in and building this community"

"I was an atheist, but what I've experienced here has changed everything"

"I now have a life much bigger than myself"

"This group has helped me through hard times and made me feel at home"

"I am known and still loved"

"We've found a family away from family"

Do their stories resonate with you?

How to join our community

Come as you are. No matter who you are or where you're coming from, you belong the minute you step inside our doors. Check out a church service, visit one of our small groups, or simply hang out with us. You're welcome here.

Team Hugging

You Belong

Go through discovery Bible studies with others. These studies reveal the values and principles we live out daily, providing opportunities for positive change. Bring your questions, assess your beliefs, and pursue spiritual growth.


You Believe

Be baptized or place membership. Commit or recommit to following Jesus and living in community with God’s family. Use your talents and resources to serve and invest in God and others as they do the same for you.


You Become

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